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Local Karate Student Earns Black Belt

Kathryn Bilicki of Medina, N.Y., earned her 1st degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate on Sat., March 13, 2013. Her success is the culmination of hard work and practice every week for the past eight years.

Kathryn is the first student of Lakeside Karate to graduate from the Junior Black Belt program, which provides a performance based path of goals and achievements for juniors. Kathryn’s six-hour exam was one of her most difficult challenges and greatest achievements.

Requirements for the exam included all aspects of her training in karate. Included was the performance of techniques individually and in sequences known as syllabus. Over 15 fighting combinations and 20 different forms (kata), including weapons forms were required. Rounding out the exam were several rounds of semi-contact fighting and the final board-breaking demonstration.

Kathryn displayed her exceptional technical ability and skill throughout the test. The only thing that was stronger than her skill was her determination and fighting spirit.

The new black belt will enhance the programs offered at Lakeside Karate as she is a testament to the success that can be achieved through training in the martial arts.

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