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Direct-Mailing Services

Our mailing services will save you time & money! Your staff has better things to do than waste hours or days folding, tabbing and addressing your next mailing. We have the staff and equipment to do your mailing quickly and affordably.

Services included when we handle your mailing:

- process the list to qualify you for discounted postage
- correct the addresses with our software so it conforms to USPS preferred style
- check your list for duplicates and move update the list
- design and print your direct-mail piece
- tab, address and sort the printed direct-mail piece
- presort and barcode the final product

Here is what we need from you to estimate the cost of the mailing:
1) class of mail
2) sample of piece to be mailed (for size, weight)
3) mailing list to estimate postage

Here are the types of mailing-list file formats we can accept:
- dBase compatible (.dbf)
- Data Interchange Format (.dif)
- ASCII delimited
- ASCII fixed-length
- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel 2000/2002

Things to know about direct mailings:
The minimum quantity for Standard (Bulk) mailings is 200, with 150 of those address having the same first three digits in the zip code.
The minimum quantity for First-Class mailings is 500, with 1/2 of those address having the same first three digits in the zip code.

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